Term Life Insurance

What is Term Insurance?

Term life insurance is a pure protection policy.In the case of the insured person’s death during the policy period, the nominee gets the entire term insurance amount (sum assured) at one go.You can get term insurance at an extremely low cost, is easy to understand and you pay the same premium for the entire policy duration.

Benefits of Term Life Insurance

affordable Term insurance plans are most affordable Give financial security worth Crores to your family by paying only hundreds of rupees per month. 100% assurance on claim settlement 100% assurance on claim settlement If term policy is in force for atleast 3 years & you have declared all information truthfully.

What is Surrender value or paid-up sum-assured?

It’s the value acquired by the policy & paid to user, if user stops paying after already having paid 2 or more premiums installmentsIt is calculated as 70% ✕ Total Premiums Paid ✕ %remaining policy termThis is applicable only for limited pay term plans and not for regular term insurance

ZERO tax ZERO tax on Insurance benefits.

In the unfortunate event of death, the maturity proceeds are tax-free Customize your Policy Customize your Term PolicyChoose your policy term, amount of cover, extra benefits as per your requirement.

When is the right time to buy term insurance?

You should endeavour to buy a term insurance plan when you start earning money and have current or potential dependents. For example – you are 21 years old and have just started to work. Money is not really a problem because your parents are still working and can take care of themselves. However in the next 5 years, your parents are set to retire which will make them dependent on your income for sustaining themselves.