What is server hosting? Server hosting is an IT service, typically offered by a cloud service provider, that provides remote access to off-premises virtual or physical servers and associated resources for a monthly subscription or usage-based price. Server hosting lets IT teams provision and start using application and data servers without the up-front cost, delays, and labor of purchasing, setting up, managing, and maintaining physical server hardware themselves, on-site.

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VPS (virtual private server) hosting offers a kind of next-level multi-tenant hosting—each tenant shares some, but not all, of the resources of a single hardware server and gets a little more control over the hosting environment.

Each VPS runs its own operating system (OS) and applications, and it reserves its own portion of the machine’s resources (memory, compute, etc.).

VPS provides more control over system specifications, guest operating systems, and the overall software stack.

It’s also the most easily and affordably scalable form of server hosting, making it an excellent choice for eCommerce systems, email servers, CRM, and other applications that typically bear moderate or spiky traffic.

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