Home Loan

Home loans are dedicated to receiving funds in order to purchase a house/flat, construct a house, renovate/repair an existing house, or purchase a plot for the construction of a house/flats. In this case, the property will be held by the lender and the ownership will be transferred to the rightful owner upon completion of repayments.

Gold Loan

Many financiers and lenders offer cash when the borrower pledges physical gold, may it be jewellery or gold bars/coins. The lender weighs the gold and calculates the amount offered based on several checks of purity and other things. The money can be utilised for any purpose. The loan must be repaid in monthly instalments so the loan can be cleared by the end of the tenure and the gold can be taken back to custody by the borrower.

If the borrower fails to make the repayments on time, the lender reserves the right to take over the gold to recover the losses.